Penis Extender – An alternative of Surgery?

The temptation is ever growing! But,is it worth the risk or better to just search for a more suitable partner?

A potential way of increasing penis size is by having surgery. This can include cutting the ligament that links the penis to the pubic bone and inserting fat into the penis to make it larger.

This is understandably not a very popular method of male enhancement, as it is extremely invasive and can produce many complications, such as loss of sensitivity and impotence. It can actually exacerbate the problems you were trying to fix. Not to mention it is very expensive!

But what’s the alternative to surgery?

Many men look to male enhancement devices to increase the size of their penis, to help with curvature, and to increase sexual arousal and stamina. Because there has been such a high demand for this type of device, many varieties have been designed and produced over the years to help these men out.

Many of these different devices will focus on different areas of male enhancement, and therefore it can become difficult to know which type of device is right for your personal needs.

Why are these devices so popular?

First off, these devices are super easy to find and get hold of thanks to the internet. A couple of quick internet searches and an online order is all it takes. This means that people from all over the world now have easy access to all sorts of male enhancement devices.

The internet is also the perfect place to review and discuss these products, so the more people buy and try the devices, the more reviews appear on the internet. Information on male enhancement has never been more readily available.

Penis Enlargers – The Best Option

Generally, penis enlargers such as pumps and extenders are preferred over pills and supplements as they are external. Pills can have side effects, and there is a small chance that you could be allergic to one or more of the ingredients.

For those who have health complications, external enlargers are also preferable as they don’t interfere with whatever medication you may be taking.

Male Enhancement Pills

These pills, or supplements, increase blood flow to give you bigger, harder erections than normal. They can also increase your libido, sexual stamina and sexual pleasure. However, these results are temporary and only last while you’re taking the supplement.

There is also the problem of side effects and potential interaction with other medication. If you are considering these kinds of pills, always consult your doctor first.

Penis Enlargement Weights

Penis weights work similarly to extenders, but they come with more risks. They can cause severe damage to the body, and they can stop blood flow to the penis, which can lead to infection.

On the other hand, penis stretching devices such as extenders are designed to exert only the necessary amount of force to produce size gains, but not enough to cause any damage. This leads to safe and efficient penis enlargement.

Vacuum Pumps

Penis pumps are a very popular method of male enhancement. They use vacuum pressure by pumping out the air and/or water that surrounds the penis to draw more blood into it. Erections caused this way are much larger and harder than normal due to the extra pressure.

When used sporadically, the results are not permanent. However, with regular use you can actually permanently increase your penis size – it just takes more dedication.

Penis stretcher or Extender

What is a Penis Extender?

A penis extender is another type of external penis enlarging device. Instead of creating a vacuum like a pump does, it stretches the penis in a safe way to increase its size. They are used on a flaccid penis, and the amount of force can be altered and personalized to get the exact stretch you need to be both safe and efficient.

Penis stretchers should be worn for between six and eight hours a day, every day, to obtain the best results. This can be all in one go, or two sessions of three hours per day.

These devices are some of the best selling across the entire male enhancement field. They are noninvasive and safe to use, and there are lots of great options to choose from depending on your personal preference and budget.

How do they work?

The head of the flaccid penis is secured to one end of the extender, and the other end rests against the body. Between the two ends are metal bars which can be extended or retracted to provide more or less pressure to the penis.

As the penis is stretched, small tears appear in the tissue. Cells are produced to repair these tears, which is what causes the size gains. This is a long-term process, so the longer you use the extender for, the bigger the size gains will be.

The process is not and should not be painful. It will feel strange at first, but once you get used to the sensation you barely notice it.

How to stop using it?

If you reach a point where you are content with your size gains, then you might be considering stopping using it. The best way of doing this is gradual, so going from six hours use per day down to four and then two and then stop. It’s not great to just stop suddenly.

What gains can you expect from a penis extender?

If used correctly, penis extenders can really make a difference, in both flaccid and erect states. With regular use, gains of up to one inch in a 1-6 week period, and gains of up to two inches in a four-month period can be expected. The more time you use the device for, the bigger your overall gains will be. If you want to check results from some of the users,here are some good resources

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The great thing is that these results are permanent. Once you are happy with your size, you can stop using the deceive and enjoy your bigger penis!

Staying Safe

All of the big brands such as Size Genetics and Phallosan Forte have had their devices clinically tested and registered as medical devices, so you know they mean business.

As long as you follow the instructions carefully, and listen to your body (i.e. if it hurts, stop!) then you should be fine. Start with lower pressures and gradually work your way up. When you want to stop using a device, gradually work your way back down again.

The other thing to mention is that you should always buy the devices directly from the official website. This will stop you being the victim of scams. Remember, if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is!


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